Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

ice dogs

I don’t usually care for dog stories, but this book was awesome! Vicky, who lives in Alaska, is still coping with the loss of her father a year earlier. Before he died, he taught Vicky a great deal about dog sleds and caring for the dogs and surviving in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Vicky is a champion musher already, and sets off on her own with her team of dogs to look into buying some dogs from a fellow racer. However, she miscalculated a bad storm, and finds herself in alot of trouble. To make matters worse, she comes across an injured snowmobiler, and she has to rescue him. Together, they survive several days in a terrible snow storm in the middle of nowhere with no map and no compass. They face a multitude of problems, such as injuries to the dogs, a moose attack, frostbite, and falling in an icy river before they eventually find help and are rescued. Anyone who loves outdoor adventure stories, dogs, or survival stories will enjoy this exciting read!


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