The Riverman by Aaron Starmer


Alistair is baffled when Fiona, a childhood friend he hasn’t spoken to in years, shows up on his doorstep and asks him to write her biography. He reluctantly agrees, and sits down to listen to her fantastical story. In it, Fiona claims she can travel to another land called Aquavania through a portal in her basement. In this land, she can wish up anything and it becomes true and over time, she makes friends with other kids who also have found this strange place. It is then she learns of The Riverman, who steals the souls of children in Aquavania, which also makes them disappear in the real world. Convinced she is next, she desperately wants Alistair to believe her story and help her. Naturally, he is skeptical of the whole thing, but starts to think there is a reason Fiona is telling such an unbelievable tale. He sets off to get to the bottom of her strange uncle who is living with her family thinking that he has something to do with Fiona’s fears. This book is part fantasy, part thriller, part science fiction, part mystery, and part love story… an edge-of-your seat adventure! This book is a little too mature to make it onto our library shelves, but a good read nonetheless for our outgoing 5th graders who can handle an intense storyline.


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