May B.: A Novel by Caroline Starr Rose

May B.

This novel in verse is an incredibly quick read… I read it all in one sitting! In the story, 12 year old May goes to live with a new family to the prairie and keep house for them in order to help earn money for her family. She’s not happy about the decision by any means, as she’d rather stay in school and work towards her dream of being a teacher. She arrives to find the new bride incredibly homesick and angry, and hates it even more. Not long after she arrives, the wife runs away to return home to Ohio, and the husband soon follows after her when he discovers she’s gone. May remains in the homestead, and as days turn into weeks, she realizes they are not returning. An early winter storm, lack of food, and no neighbors for miles turns May’s job as a housekeeper into a survival mission. Will she get rescued before she starves or freezes to death? A great 2016 Rebecca Caudill nominee!


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