Cinder by Marissa Meyer


This sci-fi book Cinderella story is a 2016 Rebecca Caudill nominee. In this futuristic society, there are people, andriods (robots created to help people), and cyborgs (humans who underwent surgery to be part robot, part human). Cinder is a cyborg, and unloved and unwanted by her step mother. As a mechanic, she brings in the family’s money, but gets left out of the preparations for a ball being held by the Prince. A devastating plague is killing off people left and right, and Cinder finds herself right in the middle of the only hope for a cure. Political strife, a strange friendship with the Prince, the death of the Emperor… and much more! I’m actually going to read this sequel! We will not have this book at High Point because of the suggested reading level as proposed by the Rebecca Caudill committee, although I found very few elements of the story that made it inappproriate for our strong 5th grade readers.


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